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Job Description:

  • 1) Installs movable bulkheads and bulkhead trolley in railroad cars, using handtools and portable power tools: Measures and marks centerline on roof and floor of car, using chalkline and gauges.

  • 2) Positions and secures overhead rail assembly in car according to marked centerlines, using cotter pins, wedges, and clamps.

  • 3) Positions and secures trolley-beam assembly to rail assembly, using wire.

  • 4) Guides bulkhead onto trolley, using hoist, and bolts bulkhead to trolley, using impact wrench.

  • 5) Pushes bulkhead along overhead trolley-and-rail assembly to end of car and depresses lever to lock bulkhead in place.

  • 6) Installs and bolts bottom bulkhead track to underframe of car, using power drill and impact wrench.

  • 7) Grinds track surfaces to remove burrs and rough edges, using portable grinder.




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End Of Job Description for: "INSTALLER, MOVABLE BULKHEAD"
DOT:   806.684-074

Job Number: 5335