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Job Description:

  • 1) Inspects industrial and commercial waste disposal facilities and investigates source of pollutants in municipal sewage and storm-drainage system to ensure conformance with ordinance and permit requirements: Visits establishments to determine possession of industrial waste permits and to inspect waste treatment facilities, such as floor drains, sand traps, settling and neutralizing tanks, and grease removal equipment for conformance with regulations.

  • 2) Extracts samples of waste from sewers, storm drains, and water courses for laboratory tests.

  • 3) Conducts field tests for acidity, alkalinity, and other characteristics to determine if discharged wastes will cause water pollution or deterioration of sewerage facilities.

  • 4) Inspects sewers and storm drains to determine presence of explosive gases, using gas-analysis equipment.

  • 5) Reviews plans of proposed waste-treatment facilities and inspects construction to ensure conformance with ordinances.

  • 6) Issues citations to apparent violators of sanitation code or water-quality regulations.

  • 7) Compiles written reports of investigations and findings, and actions taken or recommended.

  • 8) May enforce ordinances concerned with commercial hauling and disposal of contents from cesspools and septic tanks into sewers.

  • 9) May inspect water wells for contamination and conformance with legal construction standards, and order closing of unsanitary or unsafe wells.

  • 10) May inspect solid waste disposal facilities, such as sanitary landfills and chemical disposal sites.




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