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Job Description:

  • 1) Examines articles made from fabric, such as bags, bed linens, canvas products, or house furnishings, to detect soil and assembly defects: Measures length or width of article to detect variation from customer or plant specifications, using tape or rule.

  • 2) Spreads article over table or rack and scans article to detect defective stitching, loose threads, color variations between thread and fabric, and uneven seams, corners, pleats, or hems.

  • 3) Cuts excess threads with scissors.

  • 4) Marks defects with gummed label or chalk.

  • 5) Stacks articles that fail to meet specifications on handtruck or table.

  • 6) Records number and type of defects.

  • 7) Folds articles according to customer or plant specifications.

  • 8) May examine paired articles, comparing designs to detect irregular alignment.

  • 9) May inspect tufted articles, scanning article to detect uneven or ragged tufts.

  • 10) May work as member of team to examine large articles, such as blankets, bedspreads, and draperies.

  • 11) May be designated according to article inspected as Bag Inspector; Bedspread Inspector; Blanket Inspector; Curtain Inspector; Dish-Cloth Inspector; Drapery Inspector.

  • 12) May be designated: Inspector, Canvas Products; Returned-Goods Inspector; Sheet Inspector; Towel Inspector.




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