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Job Description:

  • 1) Inspects boilers, pressure vessels, and accessories for conformance to safety laws and standards regulating their design, fabrication, installation, repair, and operation: Inspects steam boilers, air tanks, liquefied gas tanks, and other pressure vessels under construction or already installed in ships or in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings to verify conformance to safety codes and standards issued by governmental agency, recognized professional technical organization, or insurance underwriting company.

  • 2) Inspects drawings, designs, and specifications for boilers and other vessels.

  • 3) Inspects materials used, safety devices, regulators, construction quality, brace and rivet tension, riveting, welding, pitting, corrosion, cracking, safety valve operation, and other factors affecting condition and operation of equipment.

  • 4) Performs standard tests such as hammer, accumulation, and hydrostatic tests to verify condition of boilers and other vessels.

  • 5) Calculates allowable limits of pressure, strength, and stresses.

  • 6) Witnesses acceptance and installation tests.

  • 7) Recommends changes to correct unsafe conditions.

  • 8) Orders correction of faulty work or materials or other conditions which violate legal requirements.

  • 9) Checks permits and methods of operation for boiler and other pressure vessel installations.

  • 10) Confers with engineers, manufacturers, contractors, owners, and operators concerning problems in construction, operation, and repair of pressure vessels and accessories.

  • 11) Investigates accidents involving pressure vessels to determine causes and to develop methods of preventing recurrences.

  • 12) Keeps records and prepares reports of inspections and investigations for administrative or legal authorities.

  • 13) May be required to possess Federal, State, or local license.




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