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Job Description:

  • 1) Inspects aircraft and maintenance base facilities to assure conformance with federal safety and qualifications standards: Examines aircraft maintenance record and flight log to determine if service checks, maintenance checks, and overhauls were performed at intervals prescribed.

  • 2) Inspects landing gear, tires, and exterior of fuselage, wings, and engine for evidence of damage or corrosion and recommends repair.

  • 3) Examines access plates and doors for security.

  • 4) Inspects new, repaired, or modified aircraft, according to checklist, to determine structural and mechanical airworthiness, using handtools and test instruments.

  • 5) Starts aircraft and observes gauges, meters, and other instruments to detect evidence of malfunction.

  • 6) Examines electrical systems and accompanies flight crew on proving flight to test instruments.

  • 7) Inventories spare parts to determine whether stock meets requirements.

  • 8) Analyzes training programs to assure competency of persons operating, installing, and repairing equipment.

  • 9) Informs airline officials of deficiencies.

  • 10) Prepares report of inspection to document findings.

  • 11) Approves or disapproves issuance of certificate of airworthiness.

  • 12) Conducts examinations to test theoretical and practical knowledge of construction, maintenance, repair, and trouble diagnosis for aircraft mechanics license candidates.

  • 13) Investigates air accidents to determine whether cause was due to structural or mechanical malfunction.

  • 14) Required to have federal aviation rating for type of aircraft inspected and pass federal aviation medical certification.

  • 15) May be designated according to specialty as Air-Carrier Electronics Inspector; Air-Carrier Maintenance Inspector.




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