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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates multispindle woodworking machine to rout, mill, drill, and profile recesses in gun stocks to receive metal gun parts, such as barrel, breech, receiver, and trigger: Clamps gunstock blank in fixture on carriage of machine.

  • 2) Turns crank to feed workpiece into series of routing bits, each equipped with tracing pin.

  • 3) Moves dropbar to force tracing pins to follow contours of metal model in designated sequence, so routing tools will cut duplicate recesses in wooden gunstock.

  • 4) Turns crank to feed gunstock into horizontal milling cutter and moves dropbar that controls cutter to round off and smooth routing cuts.

  • 5) Verifies accuracy of cuts by fitting metal gun parts into their respective recesses and using fixed gauges.




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DOT:   669.682-050

Job Number: 5141