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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls equipment such as tanks, vats, ovens, and retorts, to impregnate, dry, or bake insulating, preserving, sealing, or other materials into or onto electrical or electronic components, according to specifications: Reads work orders to determine process specifications and priorities.

  • 2) Loads components into or onto devices, such as racks, arbors, and baskets, manually or using hoist.

  • 3) Manipulates controls to start and stop equipment, such as impregnating tanks, vacuum tanks, and drying and curing ovens, and to regulate processing factors, such as flow of fluids into vats or tanks, vacuum pressure, temperature, and processing time.

  • 4) Monitors equipment to ensure conformance to processing specifications, and records processing information.

  • 5) May operate molding press to encase components in protective compounds.

  • 6) May examine processed components for defects.

  • 7) May trim excess material from components.

  • 8) May clean component parts prior to processing.

  • 9) May spray protective or other coating onto surface of components, using spray gun.

  • 10) May weigh or melt ingredients and mix compounds.

  • 11) May transport components to other areas of plant.

  • 12) May be designated according to processing material or activity involved as Drying-Equipment Operator; Impregnator, Carbon Products; Impregnator, Electrolytic Capacitors; Wax Impregnator.




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