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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs immunohematology tests, recommends blood problem solutions to doctors, and serves as consultant to blood bank and community: Visually inspects blood in specimen tubes for hemolysis.

  • 2) Centrifuges blood specimen to separate red cells from serum and tests separated serum to detect presence of antibodies.

  • 3) Interprets reactions observed to devise experiments and suggest techniques that will resolve patient's blood problems.

  • 4) Combines known and unknown cells with serum in test tubes and selects reagents, such as albumin, protolytic enzymes, and anti-human globutin, for individual tests to enhance and make visible reactions of agglutination and hemolysis.

  • 5) Processes various combinations in centrifuge and examines resulting samples under microscope to identify evidence of agglutination or hemolysis.

  • 6) Repeats and varies tests until normal suspension of reagents, serum, and red cells is attained.

  • 7) Interprets results obtained and identifies specific antibodies.

  • 8) Writes blood specifications to meet patient's need, on basis of test results, and applies knowledge of blood classification system to locate donor's blood.

  • 9) Performs immunohematology tests on donor's blood to confirm matching blood types.

  • 10) Requisitions and sends blood to supply patient's need, and prepares written report to inform physician of test results and of required volume of blood to administer.

  • 11) Evaluates completeness of immunohematology tests.

  • 12) May advise MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS in techniques of microscopic identification of precipitation, agglutination, or hemolysis in blood that leads to resolution of problems.




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