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Job Description:

  • 1) Mixes, cooks, and freezes ingredients to make frozen desserts, such as sherbets, ice cream, and custards: Measures and cooks ingredients for frozen desserts, according to recipes.

  • 2) Pours mixed ingredients into freezing machine reservoir, and starts machine to churn and freeze ingredients.

  • 3) Removes frozen dessert mixture from machine.

  • 4) Stores frozen desserts in refrigerated room or refrigerator.

  • 5) Molds ice cream or sherbet into various shapes, such as flowers or emblems, using paddle and mold forms.

  • 6) Tints and decorates molded figures with icing, using cream bag and tubes.

  • 7) Mixes and cooks sauces and syrups for use with frozen desserts.

  • 8) May portion frozen desserts for waiters.

  • 9) May carve decorations out of ice.




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