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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates remote-controlled equipment in hot cell to conduct metallurgical and chemical tests on radioactive materials: Controls slave manipulators from outside cell to remove metal or chemical materials from shielded containers inside hot cell and places on bench or equipment work station.

  • 2) Tests chemical or metallurgical properties of materials according to standardized procedures, and observes reaction through cell window.

  • 3) Sets up and operates machines to cut, lap, and polish test pieces, following blueprints, x-ray negatives, and sketches.

  • 4) Tests physical properties, using equipment, such as tensile tester, hardness tester, metallographic unit, micrometer, and gauges.

  • 5) Immerses test sample in chemical compound to prepare for testing.

  • 6) Places irradiated nuclear fuel materials in environmental chamber to test reaction to temperature changes.

  • 7) Records results of tests for further analysis by engineers, scientists, or customers.

  • 8) Places specimen in shielded container for removal from cell, using manipulators.

  • 9) Participates in cleaning and decontamination of cell during maintenance shutdown.

  • 10) May devise adapters and fixtures for use in hot cell operations.




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