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Job Description:

  • 1) Assists HOOP MAKER, MACHINE to make hoops, performing any combination of following duties: Moves rollers, punches, mandrels, and shear plates and tightens nuts holding them in position.

  • 2) Threads end of strap steel through rollers.

  • 3) Fills rivet box of machine with rivets.

  • 4) Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.

  • 5) May be designated according to specific machine operator assisted as Hoop-Flaring-Machine-Operator Helper; Hoop-Punch-And-Coiler-Operator Helper; Hoop-Riveting-Machine-Operator Helper.




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End Of Job Description for: "HOOP-MAKER HELPER, MACHINE"
DOT:   619.686-014

Job Number: 4964