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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates truck-mounted hoist to lower and raise instruments and tools into and out of oil or gas wells on electric conductor cable, used to perform well services and surveys, such as directional drilling, electric well logging, perforating, sidewall sample taking, and free-point shooting: Signals and assists other workers in loading and unloading truck; assembling and connecting instruments and tools to conductor cable, using wrenches and special handtools; and in attaching cable pulley to hoist block of drilling rig or to special pulley-mount placed in position over borehole.

  • 2) Operates hoist to lower and raise instruments and tools in well, observing signals of engineering personnel.

  • 3) Loads log recorder with film to prepare for logging of oil or gas well boreholes.

  • 4) Observes indicator to verify depth of instruments in borehole.

  • 5) Drives truck to and from well site when working as member of crew.

  • 6) Repairs and maintains truck and other mobile equipment.

  • 7) May repair cables and hoisting equipment.

  • 8) May load explosive charges in such tools as gun or jet perforators.




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