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Job Description:

  • 1) Fumigates, presses, and mounts plant specimens, and maintains collection records of herbarium maintained by botanical garden, museum, or other institution: Records identification information concerning incoming plants.

  • 2) Places specimens in fumigation cabinet and turns valves to release toxic fumes that destroy insects, fungus, or parasites adhering to specimens.

  • 3) Arranges specimens between sheets of unsized paper so that upper and under portions of leaves, blossoms, and other components are visible, and pads paper with layers of felt and newsprint to protect specimens and form stacks.

  • 4) Places specified number of stacks in pressing frame and writes identification information on top layer of paper on each stack.

  • 5) Secures frame around stacks by tightening frame section with screws, fastening with leather straps, or tying with twine, to compress stacks and press and dry specimens in desired configuration.

  • 6) Mounts dried specimens on heavy paper, using glue, adhesive strips, or needle and thread, taking care to prevent distortion or breakage of specimens.

  • 7) Writes identification information on papers and inserts mounted specimens in labeled envelopes or folders.

  • 8) Files folders in drawers or cabinets according to standard botanical classification system.

  • 9) Maintains card files of specimens in herbarium collection and records of acquisitions, loans, exchanges, or sales of specimens.




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