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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates sewing machine to join, decorate, or reinforce hat or cap parts or finished article: Guides parts under machine needle to form crown, sides, brim, sweatband, or visor, or to join parts together to fabricate article.

  • 2) May join reeding onto hat parts to reinforce them and be designated Brim-Welt-Sewing-Machine Operator; Cap Sizer; Leather Fitter; Reeding-Machine Operator; Wire-Machine Operator.

  • 3) May be designated according to part sewn as Chin-Strap Sewer.

  • 4) May be designated: Brim Stitcher II; Label Sewer; Lining Maker; Ribbon-Sweatband Operator; Straw-Hat-Machine Operator; Tip Maker; Top Stitcher.

  • 5) Performs duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQUIPMENT Master Title.




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End Of Job Description for: "HAT-AND-CAP SEWER"
DOT:   784.682-014

Job Number: 4806