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Job Description:

  • 1) Harvests field crops, such as broomcorn, cotton, hops, peanuts, sugarcane, and tobacco, working as crewmember: Walks, stoops, crawls, or sits between plant rows to reach harvestable crop.

  • 2) Pulls, twists, or cuts fibers, leaves, stalks, straw, or vines, selected according to color, size, and shape, from bolls, roots, stalks, or trellises; by hand or using knife, machete, or sickle.

  • 3) Collects crop into containers, such as bags, boxes, and bundles, or piles and stacks crop in windrows.

  • 4) Picks up and carries bundles, bales, containers, or stacks of harvested crop to collection point, and loads crop onto truck or wagon, by hand or using hoist or hooks.

  • 5) May tie leaves, stalks, straws, or vines into bundles, using twine, clamps, or rubber bands.

  • 6) May shake dirt from vines and stack vines or straw around stakes or stalks, by hand or using pitchfork, to protect crop from weathering on damp soil.

  • 7) May gather up and load scattered leaves, vines, or pods on truck.

  • 8) May burn debris, leaves, and stalks.

  • 9) May be identified with duties performed, such as cutting, picking, carrying, and loading; or with crop worked, such as alfalfa, mint, and sugar beets.




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