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Job Description:

  • 1) Lays out, machines, fits, assembles, and finishes wood, metal, and plastic parts to build harpsichords, applying knowledge of material properties and harpsichord construction: Measures and marks wood, metal, and plastic to lay out instrument components, applying knowledge of instrument design or following sketch or drawings.

  • 2) Operates woodworking machines and uses handtools to form wooden case parts.

  • 3) Sands and scrapes wood parts and applies varnish, stain, or oil to finish surfaces.

  • 4) Fits and assembles parts, using handtools, to assemble harpsichord case.

  • 5) Files cast metal soundboard to fit soundboard into case, using handtools.

  • 6) Operates drill press to drill holes for tuning pins, following template or drawing that locates holes.

  • 7) Bends metal bridges to specified contour, using vise and handtools, and installs bridges on soundboard.

  • 8) Bends nonmetal bridges to specified contour, using steam and clamps, or saws curve-shaped bridges, using bandsaw, and installs bridges on soundboards.

  • 9) Inserts tuning pins and strings instrument, using various gauge wires.

  • 10) Operates shop machines and uses handtools to cut and shape wood, plastic, and leather to form parts of keyboards and actions.

  • 11) Sets pieces of veneer into surface of wood sides of harpsichord to decorate instrument, using glue.

  • 12) Fits and assembles keyboard and action parts and installs them.

  • 13) Carves, shapes, and tapers plectrum, using knive.

  • 14) Tunes instrument to specified pitch, using tuning fork, tuning wrench, and handtools.

  • 15) Visually and tactually examines completed instrument and corrects defects.

  • 16) Repairs used instruments.

  • 17) May apply decorative trim, such as stripes, decals, or gilt to finished instrument.

  • 18) May design and prepare working drawings to build harpsichords.




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