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Job Description:

  • 1) Shapes and fits harp components to assemble new and repair damaged harps, using handtools and machine tools: Selects wood which will produce desired tonal quality and measures and marks it to lay out design of components.

  • 2) Shapes wood and metal into various parts, using drill press and handtools.

  • 3) Glues wood parts together.

  • 4) Fits metal and wood parts together to form completed harp.

  • 5) Knots each string between soundboard and tuning pin, and turns tuning pin with key to adjust string pitch.

  • 6) Sketches ornamental wood carvings onto graph paper, from customer's description, and orders them made, or carves them himself.

  • 7) May repair damaged harps only and be designated Harp Repairer.




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End Of Job Description for: "HARP MAKER"
DOT:   730.281-030

Job Number: 4789