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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends bench machine that winds thread around specified areas of fishing rod blanks to form base for line guides: Clamps rod end in chuck and adjusts rod supporting fixtures by loosening setscrews and moving fixtures until rod is level.

  • 2) Feeds thread through playout device and needle eye.

  • 3) Turns setscrew to adjust tension on playout device to specified pressure.

  • 4) Slides playout devices along track until needles are adjacent to markings on rod, indicating where base winds start, and tightens setscrew.

  • 5) Pulls length of thread through needle and clamps or tapes end to rod.

  • 6) Depresses lever causing rod to rotate and playout devices to traverse along track as thread is wound around rod.

  • 7) Stops machine and cuts thread as each area is wound to specified length.

  • 8) Cements thread end to rod.

  • 9) Inspects rods to verify that they are wound to specification.

  • 10) Adjusts setup of machine to correct faulty winding.




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