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Job Description:

  • 1) Develops and coordinates grant-funded programs for agencies, institutions, local government, or units of local government, such as school systems or metropolitan police departments: Reviews literature dealing with funds available through grants from governmental agencies and private foundations to determine feasibility of developing programs to supplement local annual budget allocations.

  • 2) Discusses program requirements and sources of funds available with administrative personnel.

  • 3) Confers with personnel affected by proposed program to develop program goals and objectives, outline how funds are to be used, and explain procedures necessary to obtain funding.

  • 4) Works with fiscal officer in preparing narrative justification for purchase of new equipment and other budgetary expenditures.

  • 5) Submits proposal to officials for approval.

  • 6) Writes grant application, according to format required, and submits application to funding agency or foundation.

  • 7) Meets with representatives of funding sources to work out final details of proposal.

  • 8) Directs and coordinates evaluation and monitoring of grant-funded programs, or writes specifications for evaluation or monitoring of program by outside agency.

  • 9) Assists department personnel in writing periodic reports to comply with grant requirements.

  • 10) Maintains master files on grants.

  • 11) Monitors paperwork connected with grant-funded programs.




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