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Job Description:

  • 1) Repairs worn or damaged golf clubs or customized golf clubs according to customer specifications, using handtools: Dismantles golf clubs and replaces worn or damaged parts or parts specified by customer, such as head, shaft, sole plates, and composition inlays in faces of woods, using screws, rivets, epoxies, files, sandpaper, drills, hammers, heating torch, and vise.

  • 2) Wraps shanks of clubs with cord or cements on plastic sleeves to prevent shanks from splitting.

  • 3) Removes old grips.

  • 4) Attaches new grips by applying listing materials to build up handle area and by wrapping leather strip over listing materials, or brushes on adhesive and slips molded rubber grips onto shaft.

  • 5) Reweights clubs by adding or subtracting lead or brass weights to achieve swing weight specified.

  • 6) Sands and files faces of woods or hammers heads of irons to change loft or lie of clubs or to open or close faces of clubs.

  • 7) Stains, shellacs, or oils wooden heads and shafts and polishes steel heads on buffing wheel to finish clubs.

  • 8) Cleans and polishes chrome-plated metal golf club heads, using buffing machine and sand-blasting equipment.

  • 9) May make clubs to customer specifications, using ready-made shafts and club heads and be designated Golf-Club Maker; or according to operation performed as Assembler, Golf-Wood Head; Golf-Club Finisher.




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End Of Job Description for: "GOLF-CLUB REPAIRER"
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Job Number: 4601