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Job Description:

  • 1) Assembles golf clubs, using one of following methods: Verifies wood golf club parts against job order specifications.

  • 2) Cuts shaft of club to specified length, using bench mounted circular abrasive saw.

  • 3) Slides trim ring over tip of shaft to embellish shaft-head joint.

  • 4) Squeezes glue into hole of golf club head neck and inserts club shaft into hole.

  • 5) Positions club assembly in holding fixture of drill press and drills hole through neck of wood head and shaft with drill.

  • 6) Inserts steel pin into hole to strengthen connection of head to shaft.

  • 7) Removes club from holding fixture and stacks aside for further processing.

  • 8) Reads job order to determine specifications, such as shaft-head alignment and swingweight of iron golf clubs.

  • 9) Slides ferrule over tip of club shaft to embellish shaft-head joint.

  • 10) Inserts club shaft into socket in head of club.

  • 11) Positions club assembly on swingweight scale and reads scale to determine swingweight of club.

  • 12) Removes club head from shaft and pours lead powder into socket of club head to adjust swingweight to specification.

  • 13) Squeezes glue onto tip of club shaft, inserts shaft into iron club head, and aligns shaft with head in specified manner.

  • 14) Stacks club aside for further processing.




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