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Job Description:

  • 1) Weighs incoming cotton, computes ginning charges, and records production in cotton ginning establishment: Weighs truck or trailer loaded with cotton and records gross, tare, and net weights.

  • 2) Computes and records quantity of cotton ginned and baled, and records weight of cottonseed removed from cotton.

  • 3) Questions cotton owners to obtain baling and ginning instructions and records instructions on bale tags.

  • 4) Computes and records ginning charges, using rate chart and adding machine.

  • 5) May prepare payrolls and records of payments to growers and quantity of seed cotton received.

  • 6) May prepare cotton-classing samples and mail samples and ginning figures of individual growers to U.

  • 7) S.

  • 8) Department of Agriculture.




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End Of Job Description for: "GIN CLERK"
DOT:   221.467-010

Job Number: 4505