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Job Description:

  • 1) Covers surfaces of items, such as books, furniture, harps, and signs, with metal leaf, such as aluminum, gold, or silver, to decorate them, using brushes, T-shaped handtool, and hands: Brushes sizing on sections of items which are to be covered with leaf, according to design.

  • 2) Transfers leaf from supply book onto pallet.

  • 3) Rubs camel-hair brush in hair to electrify brush and picks up leaf with brush, or picks up leaf with T-shaped, felt-edged tool, and lays leaf over sizing; or presses sheets or ribbons of leaf onto sizing by hand.

  • 4) Smooths leaf over surface and removes excess, using brush.

  • 5) Rubs leaf with polished burnishing agate, cotton pad, or gloved hand to polish leaf or simulate worn metal finish.

  • 6) May brush or spray protective lacquer coat over gilded surface.




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End Of Job Description for: "GILDER"
DOT:   749.381-010

Job Number: 4503