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Job Description:

  • 1) Assists passengers and checks flight tickets at entrance gate or station when boarding or disembarking airplane of commercial airline: Examines passenger tickets to ensure that passengers have correct flight or seat, or directs passengers to correct boarding area, using passenger manifest, seating chart, and flight schedules.

  • 2) Verifies names on passenger manifest or separates portions of passenger's ticket and stamps or marks ticket or issues boarding pass to authorize passenger to board airplane.

  • 3) Directs passengers to air-terminal facilities.

  • 4) Opens gate or allows passengers to board airplane.

  • 5) Assists elderly, disabled, or young passengers to board or depart from airplane, such as moving passengers in wheelchairs.

  • 6) May announce flight information, using public-address system.

  • 7) May post flight information on flight board.




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