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Job Description:

  • 1) Tests ability of gas meters to accurately measure specified volume of gas at maximum and average cubic-feet-per-hour capacity and adjusts meters to correct excessive registration error: Connects hoses from prover to meter inlet and outlet and raises prover bell until prover gauge registers zero.

  • 2) Turns valve to allow measured amount of air or gas to pass through meter at specified flow-rate.

  • 3) Closes valve and compares registration on meter gauge.

  • 4) Screws fitting into meter outlet to retard flow of gas and repeats test.

  • 5) Turns setscrews to adjust meter and repeats test until meter registration is within specified limits according to prover and meter gas readings.

  • 6) Analyzes test results to determine cause of persistent registration errors.

  • 7) Segregates meters requiring repair.

  • 8) Records test results and date on meter card.

  • 9) May maintain temperature of oil used as gas seal in prover within specified limits to ensure accurate and uniform test readings.

  • 10) May test ability of flowmeters to accurately measure gas and liquid and be designated Flowmeter Test And Certification Technician.




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