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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs one or more of following tasks to test assembled and charged refrigeration units for refrigerant leaks: Adjusts controls to set balance and range of electronic leak tester.

  • 2) Moves nozzle of tester along refrigerant lines, condenser, and compressor and listens for buzzer indicating presence of gas.

  • 3) Narrows range of tester and probes area to pinpoint exact location of leak.

  • 4) Turns valve of gas tester to adjust flow of gas to copper flame-ring and ignites gas.

  • 5) Moves suction hose, joined to flame-ring, along surfaces of refrigeration unit and observes flame for change in color denoting presence of leaking refrigerant gas.

  • 6) Wraps wet litmus paper around joints of refrigeration unit and observes paper for color change indicating refrigerant leak.

  • 7) Marks number of defective part or joint on inspection tag, according to blueprint numbering chart, and attaches tag to unit.

  • 8) Records number and location of leaks on inspection chart.




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