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Job Description:

  • 1) Coordinates flow of natural gas throughout distribution system of public utility or pipeline to ensure volume and pressure of gas required for consumers demands: Monitors telemetering panelboard to determine gas pressure and volume, and records instrument readings in log.

  • 2) Reviews correlating data, such as gas quality, pressure and temperature with variables affecting consumer demand, such as weather conditions and time of day to forecast load adjustments.

  • 3) Adjusts controls to regulate gas flow and pressure through system or telephones GAS-COMPRESSOR OPERATOR to increase or decrease pressure in pipelines according to forecast.

  • 4) Directs GAS-PUMPING-STATION OPERATOR to pump gas from holding station into distribution system and return according to supply and demand.

  • 5) Informs station personnel to regulate flow of gas from wells into system to maintain specified pressure and volume in pipelines.

  • 6) Records data, such as gas pressure and volume from outlying stations.

  • 7) Observes colorimeter to detect deviations in mixture of natural gas with manufactured gas according to specified Btu rating.

  • 8) Notifies mixing station personnel when deviations occur.

  • 9) May discontinue gas service to specified areas when emergencies or gas shortages exist.




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