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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up and operates one or more gangsaws or reciprocating saws to cut rough blocks of stone into specified dimensions for further processing: Builds bed of timbers on flat car.

  • 2) Aligns and levels stone on bed, using crowbar, sledgehammer, wedges, blocks, and spirit level.

  • 3) Marks dimensions on stone, using straightedge, rule, and crayon.

  • 4) Turns crank or pushes button to activate winch that moves car onto track under saw frame.

  • 5) Moves saw blades along frame, aligning blades with marks on stone; positions blocks between blades; levels blades; and inserts wedges into frame to secure blades to frame.

  • 6) Turns lever to lower saw blades on stone.

  • 7) Starts saws and pump that circulates water and abrasive under reciprocating blades to cut stone.

  • 8) Observes sawing to detect exhausted abrasive supply.

  • 9) Dumps abrasive into abrasive pit to maintain cutting speed.

  • 10) Turns crank to increase or decrease speed of saws according to hardness of stone and uniformity of abrasive flow.

  • 11) Washes stone, using water hose, and verifies width or thickness of cut stone, using rule.

  • 12) Replaces worn saw blades.

  • 13) Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to remove cut slabs from car or saw bed.

  • 14) May operate diamond gangsaw equipped with up to thirty vertically mounted diamond-edged saw blades.




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