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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls gamma radiation equipment to irradiate materials for scientific research: Inserts capsules of materials to be irradiated into tubes leading to reactor core, using extension tool.

  • 2) Computes radiation time and dosage for experiments, and gamma intensities required at various distances from grid, using standard formulas, conversion tables, and slide rule, and submits data to supervisor for review.

  • 3) Tends cutoff saw, mounted on water-filled canal floor, that cuts fuel elements to size to fit into shielding boxes, using extension tools.

  • 4) Places fuel elements in geometric configurations around tube in gamma facility according to radiation intensity specifications.

  • 5) Lowers experimental materials, such as foods, plastics, or metal, into tube to subject material to irradiation for specified period of time.

  • 6) Lowers extension tool into floor of canal and transfers materials from completed experiments, and spent fuel elements discharged from reactor, to storage area on canal floor or into cask for subsequent shipment.

  • 7) Writes summary of irradiation activities performed.

  • 8) Monitors instruments and gauges that control heating, ventilating, steam, and water systems, and instruments that record gamma intensity, temperatures of experiments, and fuel elements in canal.




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