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Job Description:

  • 1) Restores and preserves historical furniture in collection of museum or similar institution, using variety of handtools and power tools and applying knowledge of antique fabrics and wood furniture: Examines furnishings to determine type of material, extent of deterioration or damage, or date of construction to verify authenticity and plan restoration.

  • 2) Sets up and operates variety of woodworking machines to fabricate, repair, reinforce, and replace parts of furniture.

  • 3) Cuts, shapes, and attaches parts according to blueprints or drawings, using handtools.

  • 4) Matches materials for color, grain, and texture.

  • 5) Strips old finish from furnishings, using solvents and abrasives.

  • 6) Fills cracks, depressions, and other blemishes, using plastic wood or lacquer stick.

  • 7) Treats warped or stained surfaces to restore original contour and color.

  • 8) Glues or replaces veneer sections.

  • 9) Smooths surfaces, using power sander or abrasive material.

  • 10) Washes or bleaches furniture surfaces to prepare surface for application of finish.

  • 11) Selects coatings, such as stain, lacquer, or varnish according to type wood, and brushes or sprays material onto surface to protect surface and produce desired appearance.

  • 12) Polishes, sprays, or waxes finished pieces.

  • 13) Removes damaged or deteriorated coverings from upholstered furniture.

  • 14) Repairs, reinforces, or replaces components, such as springs, webbing, and padding.

  • 15) Selects fabric for new covering, using knowledge of period and style of furniture or following instructions of CURATOR.

  • 16) Tacks, sews, glues, or staples covering to furniture frame to attach upholstery.

  • 17) Refurbishes leather coverings of furnishings, using softeners, solvents, adhesives, stains, or polishes.

  • 18) Replaces damaged coverings with leather pieces of appropriate color, grain, and weight.

  • 19) Stencils, gilds, embosses, or paints designs or borders on restored pieces to reproduce original appearance.

  • 20) May advise curatorial staff on environmental conditions necessary for preservation of furnishings in exhibit and storage areas.

  • 21) May fabricate replicas of period furniture for use in exhibits.

  • 22) May be designated according to specialty as Finish Specialist; Upholstery Restorer.




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