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Job Description:

  • 1) Loads green electrodes in gas or electric furnaces, packs them with insulating materials for firing, and cools and unloads them after processing, working as member of furnace crew: Dumps, levels, and tamps mixture of coke, sand, and sawdust on furnace bed.

  • 2) Attaches sling to individual electrodes, and signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR in positioning electrodes in furnace.

  • 3) Spreads coke over each layer of electrodes and tamps coke between electrodes to insulate them until specified number and layers of electrodes are loaded.

  • 4) Spreads insulating mixture uniformly over top of charge.

  • 5) Positions brick side blocks on side of furnace with aid of crane operator.

  • 6) Signals crane operator in hoisting bus bars into place on electric furnace, and bolts bars to feeders and to furnace terminals.

  • 7) Removes bus bars and side blocks after processing and pokes hole in insulating mix to observe color of electrodes.

  • 8) Refills and tamps insulating mix in hole to prevent oxidation if charge is cooking too rapidly; or rakes, hoes, or shovels insulating mix from charge and quenches charge with water to speed cooling.

  • 9) Shovels mixture into pile for reprocessing.

  • 10) Attaches sling to processed electrodes and signals crane operator to remove them from furnace.

  • 11) Cleans residue from electrodes, using airhose.

  • 12) May be designated according to duty performed as Furnace Cooler; Furnace Loader; Furnace Packer; Furnace Unloader.




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