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Job Description:

  • 1) Cleans and dresses pelts, performing any combination of following tasks: Cuts pelts on belly side from neck to tail with knife to facilitate further handling.

  • 2) Feeds pelts into cylinder of combing machine that untangles hair.

  • 3) Loads, starts, stops, and unloads beating machine to remove loose hair and foreign matter from pelts.

  • 4) Brushes grease onto skin side of pelts to restore oils removed in dyeing and tanning processes, or loads pelts and grease into revolving drum for specified time.

  • 5) Loads pelts and sawdust into revolving drum to tumble pelts in sawdust to dry, clean, and soften them.

  • 6) Stops drum after specified interval and transfers pelts to revolving cage to remove sawdust from pelts.

  • 7) Pulls skin of pelt back and forth over edge of metal bar, or slips uncut pelt over tongue of spreading device to stretch, open pores, and soften skin of pelt.

  • 8) Trims furs with scissors to even length of hairs.

  • 9) May be designated according to specialized task performed or machine tended as Beating-Machine Operator; Comber; Cutter; Drummer; Fur Clipper; Fur Puller; Fur Stretcher; Greaser.




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End Of Job Description for: "FUR-FLOOR WORKER"
DOT:   589.686-022

Job Number: 4343