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Job Description:

  • 1) Breeds and raises fur-bearing animals, such as mink, fox, or chinchilla: Buys or captures breeding stock.

  • 2) Breeds and raises animals in surroundings simulating their habitat.

  • 3) Feeds and waters animals and cleans their pens and yards.

  • 4) Kills animals in their prime and removes their pelts.

  • 5) Arranges with buyers for sale of pelts and breeding stock.

  • 6) Packs pelts in crates and ships to processing plants.

  • 7) Places live animals in crates and ships to buyers.

  • 8) May treat and preserve pelts at farm.

  • 9) May be designated according to type of animal raised as Chinchilla Farmer; Fox Farmer; Mink Farmer.




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End Of Job Description for: "FUR FARMER"
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Job Number: 4333