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Job Description:

  • 1) Releases poisonous gas and sets traps in buildings to kill dry-wood termites, beetles, vermin, and other pests, using cylinders of compressed gas and mechanical traps: Inspects infested building to identify pests causing damage and to determine treatment necessary.

  • 2) Examines porosity of walls and roof, based on knowledge of construction techniques, to determine method of sealing house.

  • 3) Measures inside dimensions of rooms with rule, and calculates volume of fumigant required and cost to owner.

  • 4) Tapes vents.

  • 5) Climbs ladder, pulls tarpaulins over building, and fastens edges of tarpaulins with clamps to make building airtight.

  • 6) Posts warning signs and padlocks doors.

  • 7) Turns valve on cylinder to discharge gas into building through hose.

  • 8) Holds halide lamp near seams of tarpaulins and building vents to detect leaking fumigant.

  • 9) Sprays or dusts chemicals in rooms or work areas and sets mechanical traps to destroy pests.

  • 10) May fumigate clothing and house furnishing in vaults at business establishment.




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