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Job Description:

  • 1) Tends machine that freezes blood plasma preparatory to hydration or storage: Starts machine that circulates solution of dry ice and alcohol over rollers to chill them.

  • 2) Moves blood plasma from walk-in freezer to freezing machine, using handtruck.

  • 3) Places bottles of blood plasma onto rotating rollers submerged in cold alcohol in machine.

  • 4) Taps revolving bottles with metal wand to accelerate and ensure uniform freezing of plasma, increasing speed of tapping on bottles when crystallization does not occur uniformly.

  • 5) Places bottles of plasma that do not freeze uniformly into reject container and frozen plasma on trays for further processing.

  • 6) Reads thermometer to ascertain that temperature of solution remains constant, according to specifications.

  • 7) May place bottles on rack to drain off alcohol before packing.

  • 8) May tend centrifuge machine that separates plasma from red corpuscles present in whole blood.

  • 9) May tend fractionator machine that breaks down plasma into proteins by centrifugal action.




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