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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following tasks in foundry concerned with melting metal, pouring metal into molds, removing castings from molds, dressing castings, moving foundry materials, and cleaning equipment and work areas: Moves sand, castings, flasks, or other materials about foundry by hand, using wheelbarrow or cart, or by loading them onto conveyor.

  • 2) Assembles flasks, using wrench, bolts, and tap screws.

  • 3) Waters and mixes sand, shovels sand into flasks, and compacts sand in flasks, using ramming tool.

  • 4) Sprays binder on surface of sand molds and dries surface with blowtorch.

  • 5) Fits together, clamps, and unclamps cope and drag on production line.

  • 6) Weighs out specified amounts of materials for furnace charge, and loads charge into melting furnace.

  • 7) Skims slag from surface of molten metal, using scoop.

  • 8) Carries or pushes ladles of molten metal on monorail and pours metal into molds.

  • 9) Installs and removes steel jackets and bands used to hold snap molds together during casting.

  • 10) Breaks sand mold from finished casting, using bar or hammer.

  • 11) Sorts castings into pairs or groups for assembly.

  • 12) Pulls reinforcing wires from castings.

  • 13) Directs high pressure stream of water onto castings to clean castings and remove cores.

  • 14) Cleans castings, patterns, and flasks, using wire brush.

  • 15) Removes gates, sprues, and other projections from castings with sledge, pneumatic hammer, power shear, or power hacksaw.

  • 16) Breaks up used sand molds with bar, shovels sand into drying oven and sand-mixing machine, and sifts sand through motor-driven screen for reuse in new molds.

  • 17) Breaks up slag, using hammer, and shovels it into buckets for removal to dump.

  • 18) Chips out worn cupola and ladle linings, using bar.

  • 19) Prepares plaster and relines ladle.

  • 20) Sweeps and cleans work areas.

  • 21) May be designated according to worker assisted or according to duty performed as Casting Carrier; Casting Sorter; Cupola-Tender Helper; Flask Carrier; Jacket Changer; Ladle-Liner Helper.

  • 22) May be designated: Ladle Pusher; Mold Clamper; Mold-Closer Helper; Molder Helper; Molder Helper, Machine; Mold Stacker; Pattern Carrier; Pattern Cleaner; Sand-Screener Operator; Sand Shoveler; Sand Wheeler; Shake-Out Worker; Skimmer; Slag Worker; Sprue Knocker.




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End Of Job Description for: "FOUNDRY WORKER, GENERAL"
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