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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls generating equipment and maintains specific gravity of acid to form and charge battery plates and cells, and inspects activities of workers at each station along line: Reads meters on generator and moves controls to adjust voltage and amperage to specified levels.

  • 2) Observes generator brushes to detect arcing and adjusts brushes, using handtools.

  • 3) Inspects polarity arrangement of batteries on forming trucks to ensure conformance to instructions.

  • 4) Ascertains charging rate of batteries periodically, using voltmeter.

  • 5) Turns valves to drain specified amounts of acid and water into mixing tank and ascertains specific gravity of solution, using hydrometer and thermometer.

  • 6) Adds water or acid to obtain specified concentration.

  • 7) Observes activities of workers filling cells with acid, stacking batteries on forming trucks, attaching and stripping connectors, treating plates, dumping acid from batteries, washing and drying plates, testing elements, inserting elements in containers and charging batteries, and reports deviations to supervisor.




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End Of Job Description for: "FORMING-PROCESS WORKER"
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Job Number: 4233