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Job Description:

  • 1) Sets up, adjusts, and repairs automatic glass forming machines, such as press-and-blow, blow-and-blow, and spinning machines, used to form bottles, containers, and other glassware, utilizing knowledge of glass forming machinery: Reads work order to determine which molds, mold components, and machine parts are needed.

  • 2) Removes molds, mold components, and feeder tubes from machines, using handtools.

  • 3) Mounts blanking mold and final mold to hanger arms on machine, and installs gob feeder tube leading from forehearth to molds, using handtools.

  • 4) Installs and aligns neck rings and press plunger to blanking mold to form neck and mouth of glassware, using handtools.

  • 5) Couples air lines to molds and coolant lines to mold jacket to regulate solidification of glass.

  • 6) Adjusts size of orifice which releases gob from forehearth, and shears cutting gob to control size of gob fed to mold, using handtools.

  • 7) Adjusts trip buttons on timer drum to set gob feeding, blank molding, final molding, and discharge sequence.

  • 8) Couples gas line to preheating burner under mold to maintain plasticity of glass during molding.

  • 9) Turns controls that regulate air pressures, coolant flows, gas line pressure, and glass temperatures in forehearth to form acceptable products, using knowledge of machine operation and product specifications.

  • 10) Performs test run and inspects glassware to verify setup.

  • 11) Repairs damaged machines by replacing defective parts, such as cams, hanger arms, or forming components, using handtools.

  • 12) Changes lehr drive gears to control annealing time of glassware in lehr.

  • 13) May be assisted by FORMING-MACHINE OPERATOR in setting up machines.

  • 14) May ascertain temperature of gob, using pyrometer.




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Job Number: 4231