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Job Description:

  • 1) Inspects establishment where foods, drugs, cosmetics, and similar consumer items are manufactured, handled, stored, or sold to enforce legal standards of sanitation, purity, and grading: Visits specified establishments to investigate sanitary conditions and health and hygiene habits of persons handling consumer products.

  • 2) Collects samples of products for bacteriological and chemical laboratory analysis.

  • 3) Informs individuals concerned of specific regulations affecting establishments.

  • 4) Destroys subgrades, or prohibits sale of impure, toxic, damaged, or misbranded items.

  • 5) Questions employees, vendors, consumers, and other principals to obtain evidence for prosecuting violators.

  • 6) Ascertains that required licenses and permits have been obtained and are displayed.

  • 7) Prepares reports on each establishment visited, including findings and recommendations for action.

  • 8) May negotiate with marketers and processors to effect changes in facilities and practices, where undesirable conditions are discovered that are not specifically prohibited by law.

  • 9) May grade products according to specified standards.

  • 10) May test products, using variety of specialized test equipment, such as ultraviolet lights and filter guns.

  • 11) May investigate compliance with or violation of public sanitation laws and regulations and be designated Sanitary Inspector.




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