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Job Description:

  • 1) Rigs well service pulling machine on oil well and assembles and disassembles rod and tubing sections, using hand wrenches or power tongs: Pulls lever or turns handle to extend hydraulic or screw-type jacks to support and level pulling machine and derrick.

  • 2) Fastens derrick guy lines to ground-anchors to stabilize derrick.

  • 3) Unloads handtools and power tools from truck and attaches power tools to cables hanging from derrick.

  • 4) Connects pulling machine hydraulic hoses to rod and tubing tongs and other power tools.

  • 5) Unscrews connections on wellhead, using handtools and removes pumping unit head.

  • 6) Attaches lifting clamp to rod sections in wellhole and places lifting clamp on hook of hoist line.

  • 7) Disconnects rod sections as they are removed from wellhole, using hand wrenches or power tongs.

  • 8) Disconnects and removes hook from hoist line after rod sections have been removed from wellhole and attaches tubing lifting clamp.

  • 9) Attaches lifting clamps to tubing in wellhole.

  • 10) Disconnects tubing sections as they are removed from wellhole, using hand wrenches or power tongs.

  • 11) Guides uncoupled tubing sections from wellhole to racking board to stand pipe in derrick or guides end of tubing section to ground rack and pushes section to slide it down rack and lay it on ground.

  • 12) Guides tubing and rod sections from derrick or ground rack to wellhole and connects to sections in wellhole, using hand wrenches or power tongs, after repairing oil well pump, replacing defective tubing, or performing similar oil well service.

  • 13) Detaches lifting clamps from sections lowered into wellhole.

  • 14) Assembles and tightens wellhead connections, using hand wrenches and replaces pumping unit head.

  • 15) Disconnects hydraulic hoses and cables from power tools and loads on truck.

  • 16) Unfastens derrick guy lines from ground-anchors and pushes lever or turns handle to contract hydraulic or screw-type jacks.

  • 17) Performs minor maintenance on tools and equipment, such as changing dies in tongs and hand wrenches and changing worn hydraulic hoses on power equipment.

  • 18) Washes tools, equipment, and pulling machine with diesel fuel or other cleaning solution.

  • 19) Shovels dirt around well location to cover spilled oil and cleans oil from wellhead connections.




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End Of Job Description for: "FLOOR WORKER, WELL SERVICE"
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Job Number: 4128