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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates machines to replace worn clothing on carding machine flats and to align, grind, and burnish flats: Strips worn clothing from flats, using handtools, and rubs flats with sandpaper to remove rust.

  • 2) Places stripped flat in jig and moves level gauge across length of flat to detect flats that are out of alignment.

  • 3) Straightens bent flats, using lever or hammer.

  • 4) Places flats in milling machine to shape ends of flats to correspond with bends on which flats slide on carding machine.

  • 5) Places flats in jig of rolling press, positions clothing assembly over flats, and starts rolling press that moves over length of flat, shaping and clamping clothing clip to flat.

  • 6) Places clothed flats in bed of grinding machine, lowers grinding head over flats, and starts machine that grinds wire points to uniform length.

  • 7) Removes ground flats from machine after specified length of time, places flats in bed of burnishing machine, and starts burnishing wheel that removes burrs caused by grinding.

  • 8) Dusts rust preventative on reclothed flats, assembles flats in sets, and packs sets in crates.

  • 9) Wraps and seals crates in plastic material and attaches shipping label to crate.




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End Of Job Description for: "FLAT CLOTHIER"
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Job Number: 4096