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Job Description:

  • 1) Controls flash-drier furnace and auxiliary equipment to remove water from activated carbon slurry, for use in industrial and consumer applications: Tests specific gravity of carbon slurry in agitator tank, using hydrometer, and draws sample for acidity testing by WASH OPERATOR.

  • 2) Admits water and dumps prescribed amount of caustic into slurry tank to bring density and acidity readings to prescribed standard.

  • 3) Turns valve to heat slurry to specified temperature and starts pumps to transfer slurry to vacuum drum filter.

  • 4) Adjusts gate leading to paddle mixer to regulate flow of slurry to furnace.

  • 5) Sets automatic controls to maintain furnace temperature at plant standard.

  • 6) Moves switches and turns valves to regulate furnace blowers and cyclone filters that control flow and discharge dried carbon.

  • 7) Directs activities of workers engaged in tending filter and carbon-bagging machines.

  • 8) Weighs carbon samples taken from furnace discharge spouts and computes percentage of moisture removed, using standard formula.

  • 9) Keeps log of gauge readings and test results.

  • 10) Verifies setup of scraper blade on filter drum for efficient operation.

  • 11) May turn fuel valves to regulate furnace conditions in manually controlled units, according to specifications.




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