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Job Description:

  • 1) Catches finfish, shellfish, and other marine life alone or as crewmember on shore or aboard fishing vessel, using equipment such as dip, diver, gill, hoop, lampara, pound, trap, reef, trammel, and trawl nets; purse seine; and haul, drag, or beach seine: Inserts and attaches hoops, rods, poles, ropes, floats, weights, beam runners, otter boards, and cables to form, reinforce, position, set, tow, and anchor net.

  • 2) Attaches flags and lights to buoys to identify net location.

  • 3) Puts net into water and anchors or tows net according to kind of net used, location of fishing area, and method of fishing.

  • 4) Hauls net to boat or ashore manually and using winch.

  • 5) Empties catch from net, using dip net, brail, buckets, hydraulic pump, and conveyor, and by lifting net, using block and tackle, and dumping catch.

  • 6) Stows catch in hold and containers, or transfers catch to base ship or buy boat.

  • 7) Fishing with some types of nets may be illegal in some states.

  • 8) May ride in skiff and hold end of net, as base ship discharges net, to surround school of fish or to pull net ends and trap fish.

  • 9) May sort and clean fish.

  • 10) May repair fishing nets and gear.

  • 11) May act as lookout or observe instruments to sight schools of fish.

  • 12) May be designated according to kind of net used as Fisher, Dip Net; Fisher, Diver Net; Fisher, Gill Net; Fisher, Hoop Net.

  • 13) May be designated: Fisher, Haul, Drag, Or Beach Seine; Fisher, Lampara Net; Fisher, Pound Net or Trap; Fisher, Purse Seine; Fisher, Reef Net; Fisher, Trammel Net; Fisher, Trawl Net.




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