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Job Description:

  • 1) Catches fish and other marine life with hooks and lines, working alone or as member of crew: Lays out line and attaches hooks, bait, sinkers, and various anchors, floats, and swivels, depending on quarry sought.

  • 2) Puts line in water, and holds, anchors, or trolls line to catch fish.

  • 3) Hauls line onto boat deck or ashore by hand, reel, or winch, and removes catch.

  • 4) Stows catch in hold or boxes and packs catch in ice.

  • 5) May hit fish with club to stun it before removing it from hook.

  • 6) May fish with gaff to assist in hauling fish from water.

  • 7) May slit fish, remove viscera, and wash cavity to clean fish for storage.

  • 8) May steer vessel in fishing area.

  • 9) When fishing with line held in hand, is designated Fisher, Hand Line.

  • 10) When fishing with fixed line equipped with hooks hung at intervals on line, is designated according to whether line is trawl as Fisher, Trawl Line; or trot as Fisher, Trot Line.

  • 11) When fishing with line that is trolled, is designated Fisher, Troll Line.




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End Of Job Description for: "FISHER, LINE"
DOT:   442.684-010

Job Number: 4047