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Job Description:

  • 1) Sorts, grades, and packs egg skeins containing fish roe: Examines egg skeins for unacceptable conditions, such as immaturity, bruises, or blood saturation.

  • 2) Discards unacceptable skeins and places acceptable skeins in containers for weighing and to await further processing.

  • 3) Dissolves specified salts in water, following brining formula; tests specific gravity of solution, using hydrometer; and pours brining solution into agitation vat.

  • 4) Flips switches to start vat agitators, pours preweighed amount of egg skeins into vat, and turns knob on timer to set brining cycle.

  • 5) Feels skeins for firmness and texture to determine effect of brine on skeins.

  • 6) Removes processed skeins from vat, using wooden-handled seine, and places skeins in container to drain.

  • 7) Tests brine in vat, using hydrometer, and adds specified salts when required to maintain salinity of brining solution at specified level.

  • 8) Examines, grades, and separates processed egg skeins, according to factors such as color, length, and width, utilizing product experience.

  • 9) Selects boxes marked for prescribed grade of egg skeins, places plastic sheets across bottom of boxes as liner, and sprinkles salt over liners prior to packing skeins.

  • 10) Positions layers of skeins in boxes to ensure preservation and seasoning in boxes.

  • 11) Weighs boxes on scales after packing, and adds or removes skeins to obtain specified weight.

  • 12) Folds plastic liner over filled boxes, positions lids on boxes, and stacks packed boxes for storage during aging process.




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End Of Job Description for: "FISH ROE TECHNICIAN"
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Job Number: 4041