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Job Description:

  • 1) Cleans fish aboard ship or ashore, performing any combination of following tasks, alone or as member of crew: Scrapes scales from fish with knife.

  • 2) Cuts or rips fish from vent to throat with knife, and tears out viscera and gills.

  • 3) Cuts off head of fish with knife, drops head in tub, and slides fish along table to next worker.

  • 4) Washes blood from abdominal cavity by dropping fish in tub of water or by use of hose, and removes discolored membrane from abdomen lining with knife, spoon, scraper, glove, or piece of burlap.

  • 5) Cuts gashes along sides of fish to facilitate salt penetration during curing.

  • 6) Cuts fish behind gill slits, draws knife along backbone and ribs to free fillet, lays fillet skinside down on table, and draws knife laterally between skin and flesh to remove skin.

  • 7) Slices flesh from bones in fletches for further processing into boneless slices of fish.

  • 8) Unloads catch from fishing vessels.

  • 9) May pack fish in containers.

  • 10) May remove slime from fish preparatory to canning and be designated Slimer.

  • 11) May clean, dress, wrap, label, and store fish for guests at resort establishments and be designated Fish Housekeeper.

  • 12) May fillet fish and be designated Fish Filleter.




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