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Job Description:

  • 1) Operates open-hearth furnaces to produce specified types of steel: Examines raw materials for conformance to specifications.

  • 2) Signals CHARGING-MACHINE OPERATOR to place materials in furnace.

  • 3) Turns fuel, air, and steam controls to adjust fuel mixtures and draft.

  • 4) Moves levers to circulate gas throughout furnace to distribute heat and prevent burning out of furnace walls.

  • 5) Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to pour molten metal in furnace.

  • 6) Obtains sample of metal, using long-handled spoon, and pours sample into test mold.

  • 7) Tests sample for carbon content, using carbon analyzer.

  • 8) Moves controls to open furnace doors, and shovels additives, such as fluorspar, lime, and alloys, into furnace to obtain specified type of steel.

  • 9) Determines temperature of metal, using thermocouple.

  • 10) Observes color of molten metal through cobalt-blue glasses to determine when to tap furnace and notifies MELTER SUPERVISOR.

  • 11) Directs crew in tapping furnace and adding specified additives to ladle.

  • 12) Records operational data on forms.

  • 13) Examines furnace to determine repairs needed, and directs crew in repairing furnace walls and flooring.




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