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Job Description:

  • 1) Performs any combination of following duties in assembling pyrotechnics and signal flares: Weighs specified quantities of powder or scoops powder into premeasured scooping device, and loads them into cans, cones, tubes, or other casings, or fills containers to predetermined level.

  • 2) Applies sealing compound to container from bulb syringe to seal in powder, or places cap or lid on container and secures them by crimping with machine or handtool.

  • 3) Drills or punches holes in caps or lids for insertion or attachment of fuse or wick.

  • 4) Attaches igniter ring atop open end of signal flares.

  • 5) Attaches and secures components of assemblies, using handtools.

  • 6) Inspects items at various stages of completion for inaccuracies in assembly and for obvious flaws.

  • 7) Packs specified number of flares or finished fireworks in cartons for storage or shipment.

  • 8) Stencils identifying information, such as type of firework, date of manufacture, and lot number, on assembled item or carton.

  • 9) May assemble cartons from flattened state, seal packed cartons, and attach shipping label onto carton.




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