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Job Description:

  • 1) Inspects buildings and equipment to detect fire hazards and enforce local ordinances and state laws: Observes tests of equipment, such as gasoline storage tanks and air compressors, and inspects storage conditions to ensure conformance to fire and safety codes.

  • 2) Issues permits to attest to safe operating conditions.

  • 3) Examines interiors and exteriors of buildings to detect hazardous conditions or violations of fire ordinances and laws.

  • 4) Prepares report of violations or unsafe conditions.

  • 5) Discusses condition with owner or manager and recommends safe methods of storing flammables or other hazardous materials.

  • 6) Informs owner or manager of conditions requiring correction, such as faulty wiring.

  • 7) Issues summons for fire hazards not corrected on subsequent inspection and enforces code when owner refuses to cooperate.

  • 8) Keeps file of inspection records and prepares report of activities.

  • 9) May perform duties of FIRE FIGHTER or FIRE CAPTAIN.

  • 10) May collect fees for permits and licenses.




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