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Job Description:

  • 1) Finishes brushes, performing any combination of following tasks: Holds wooden brush surface against sanding wheel and buffer to sand and polish brush heads and handles.

  • 2) Trims, tapers, and shapes brush-filling material according to prescribed standards by pushing brush over rotary trimmer, feeding it into trimming machine, or holding brush over blades of clipping machine.

  • 3) Removes dust and loose filling material by placing brush in centrifugal cleaning machine, holding it against cleaning brush, or feeding it into combing machine.

  • 4) Dips brush handle in varnish or lacquer or sprays handle with varnish or lacquer and hangs it on rack to dry.

  • 5) Paints identifying stripes on brush handle.

  • 6) Examines brush for conformity to job specifications and defects and makes corrections, such as retouching varnished or lacquered surface and hand-trimming filling material.

  • 7) Repairs cracked handles and bent ferrules.

  • 8) Separates and reroutes brushes that cannot be repaired to corrective work station.

  • 9) May flatten ferrule, using press machine, and nail band or ferrule to brush.

  • 10) May attach handle to brush.




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